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Aoki, Greinke, Hart, Marcum or Veras: Who Will Be Brewer Of The Week?

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A pretty weird Brewer week has given us a pretty unique group of nominees for Brewer of the Week.

Norichika Aoki had seven hits this week, including three each against the Cubs on Wednesday and Thursday. Four of his hits this week went for extra bases, including two home runs Thursday. He hit .304/.333/.652 this week and was worth +.298 WPA.

Zack Greinke pitched seven scoreless innings against the Cubs on Wednesday, allowing just two hits and two walks while striking out 12, his Brewer career-high. He was worth +.273 WPA this week.

Corey Hart had six hits in as many games this week, including a pair of doubles and a home run. He hit .273/.292/.500 and was worth +.169 WPA.

Shaun Marcum held the Pirates to a single run on five hits over seven innings on Saturday, walking none and striking out eight. He was worth +.167 WPA this week.

Jose Veras pitched 2.1 scoreless innings over three appearances this week, allowing a hit and a walk while striking out three. He's now pitched 9.1 innings since his last earned run, and was worth +.107 WPA this week.

Left off the ballot: Nyjer Morgan, Taylor Green, Ryan Braun