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Brewers 2, Cardinals 3: Ron Roenicke's (very brief) post-game comments

Didn't hear the question

Yeah, they hurt. It's what I've been saying a lot with him this year - it's his command. He's not able to throw his fastball where he wants to. When he throws a breaking ball, it's not a strike and he's got to come back with fastballs which aren't located real well, so for whatever reason, he cannot maintain a consistent level on throwing pitches in the zone where he wants.

Is it time to examine that at all? I know you don't have a long list of options there

We talk about it all the time. We talked about it just now and we will again.

By we you mean you and Rick?


When the pitch count got to 22, did you start thinking "I may have to do something" - especially after the walk to (Skip) Schumaker?

Not until we see where the game is. He's our closer. As long as he's our closer, you stick with him until he either ties it or goes a run behind. And then once he ties it you look at what the match ups are to see if you want to keep him out there. But once he starts getting - what did he get, 36, 37 pitches? .... Kameron's a good match up with Molina, although Molina seems to hit everybody, so...

The bouncer to Aramis, do you think he had a play if he caught it?

I don't think he's going to get him, even if he catches it. Once you back off like that to try to get a good hop, I don't think he's going to get Furcal.