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Brewers 3, Cardinals 2: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

As usual, the first question was cut off:

Well, I'm not sure how it'll go every night. Matchups will really depend on which way we go. Manny we like if there's going to be a couple of left-handers, and a switch-hitter with Beltran we wanted to make sure he hit right handed. Not that he's easy to get out anyway. So we'll just look at it and see how it goes. Between Manny, Kameron and Veras in the eighth inning we'll try to match up. But they did a great job tonight.

Is this what K-Rod saves are always like?

Well, it's going to end up this way sometimes. He made a good pitch to Freese but Freese blocks it off and hits a double down the right field line. That's not usually how he's going to start. Molina, he's just a good hitter. Line drive up the middle. But I've seen Frankie get out of stuff like you're mentioning a lot of times. And he did it with really good pitches. He made great pitches after he got second and third, great pitches.

Can he finally exhale following a successful night?

Well, it was nice. Nice for Randy too, he pitched a great game. He comes out of it with people on base and you don't know what's going to happen and Veras makes some good pitches to get out of it.

On the conversation that led to Wolf staying in the game in the seventh:

To see how he was doing. We had Veras already loose but I wanted to see how he was doing. He was a little fatigued going into that inning and still thought he was throwing the ball well. And he liked the matchup against the next guy, so I wanted to hear from him how he felt.

What happened to Braun?

Not serious at all. On the play down the left field line where he ran into the wall, maybe a slight groin strain, but I just talked to Dan Wright and he didn't think it was a big deal.