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Brewers 4, Cardinals 3: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

Didn't hear the first question:

They did a nice job. I know Frankie got into a little bit of trouble there but that's five out of six days for him, and he was up the sixth day. So I put a lot on him. I'm sure he's about worn out, that day off tomorrow's going to be big for him. But everyone else was good, they're coming in with different roles we're putting them in and they're doing a good job.

On Tyler Thornburg:

Well, I thought he threw the ball pretty good. What's happening is, there's a difference when you're behind in the count in the minor leagues and when you're behind in the count here. These guys don't miss a good fastball. And I'm sure when he was down in AA or AAA he could throw the ball by guys. So that's the difference. When he gets behind in the count he hasn't established that he can throw off-speed pitches for strikes when he's behind in the count, so he throws a fastball and they're all ready for it.

Was K-Rod walk-prone because of fatigue?

Oh, I don't know. All our relievers have walks in them. So I don't think it's fatigue. Some of it certainly has to be, that's a big stress load to put on somebody. So I think that can add to it, but I think, just talking to him after the game, his mechanics got a little off. Yesterday was really good, so he said he was different today than he was yesterday.

Was this a big outing for John Axford?

Absolutely. Coming in and getting that out, we tinkered with whether that was good enough or not, I talked to him and he said he'd like to go back out there again. The conversation we had with him yesterday was exactly that: be flexible, we'll talk about things, and we'll see what you want to do. And it worked out real nice. I thought he threw the ball real well coming out of the bullpen for the first batter that inning, to the point where I was fine putting him back out there for the second.