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Heyman: Brewers Offer Zack Greinke "Close To $112.5 Million"


Jon Heyman of CBS Sports (found via MLB Trade Rumors) is reporting that the Brewers, who had previously been rumored to be "willing to offer" Zack Greinke a contract extension worth $100 million or more, have taken the next step in their negotiation process and actually offered Greinke a deal of that magnitude.

In fact, if you want to trust Heyman's anonymous source then there's reason to believe the Brewers have offered significantly more:

The quiet Greinke offer, which is said to have come more than a week ago, was said by one person to have been for close to the $112.5-million, five-year extension Matt Cain signed and may have even replicated it.

Heyman doesn't say that Greinke rejected the offer, but does say there's "nothing yet to indicate he will sign quickly."

The Brewers are running out of time to make a decision on Greinke. After skipping a start this week he projects to pitch just two more times before the July 31 trade deadline. The Brewers almost certainly need to reach a decision to either extend him or trade him before then, otherwise they'll run the risk of losing him as a free agent this winter with minimal compensation.

Greinke turns 29 in October, so a five year extension would cover his age 29, 30, 31, 32 and 33 seasons. He's a posted a 3.72 ERA over two seasons as a Brewer and struck out nearly ten batters per nine innings.