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Braun, Fiers, Gallardo, Hart Or Rodriguez: Who Will Be Brewer Of The Week?

This 4-2 week was a little disappointing, if only because it feels like the team let two more wins slip through their fingers. This might be the best field of Brewer of the Week candidates we've had all season.

Ryan Braun (reigning BotW) had six hits in five games this week and three went for extra bases, including a pair of home runs. He hit .353/.450/.765 and was worth +.688 WPA.

Michael Fiers pitched seven shutout innings against the Cardinals on Monday, allowing four hits and four walks while striking out four. He was worth +.442 WPA this week.

Yovani Gallardo allowed one run over seven innings against the Pirates on Sunday, allowing just four hits and walking none while striking out a career-high 14, the second highest total in franchise history. He was worth +.232 WPA this week.

Corey Hart had a hit in all six games this week to extend his hitting streak to 12 games. He hit .375/.360/.583 and was worth +.327 WPA.

Francisco Rodriguez appeared in five of the team's six games this week and allowed one run on four hits, walking four and striking out eight. He was worth +.504 WPA.

Honorable mentions this week go out to Manny Parra, Aramis Ramirez and Randy Wolf.