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Reds 3, Brewers 1: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

What was different about Homer Bailey tonight compared to earlier this season?

I thought he was locating his pitches a lot better. His fastball, I've seen him have better velocity but his location I thought was real good today. He had a real good slider today. Down and away and we weren't picking it up well. But yeah, I thought there was a big difference between the last two times we faced him.

On Marco Estrada:

I thought he was good. I thought he did a nice job. He didn't have his command as well as he's had it in the past, but he's still, I thought he still made good pitches. He still changed speeds well and got us into the seventh inning with just giving up one run. And then whatever it was, whether he was a little tired or I don't know, he got behind 2-0 on two batters and I'm sure he didn't try to throw the pitches where he threw them but he made mistakes on 2-0 counts.

Was Estrada's velocity down late in the game?

I thought his velocity was down the whole game. Not down, but I didn't see 92s from him. I saw a lot of 89s and 90s. Now some of that is because he's throwing more two seamers now, so usually when you see an 88 it's a two seamer.

On getting a chance to get back into the game in the eighth:

Yeah, we're doesn't take that much. You get one batter on, whether it's Brauny or Aramis or Corey or Rickie, we've got some guys that can do some damage. But we didn't get a lot of baserunners on.

Was the first inning your best chance to score?

It was. We came out and looked pretty good, and then nothing. Brauny hits a bullet to the left fielder and Bruce has a great arm. He ends up throwing it high but you can't count on that.

On the rarity of a pitching duel at Great American Ball Park:

Yeah, pitching was good. Chapman, if he's throwing pitchers on the edges you don't have a chance. You have to hope he gets behind and he has to throw the ball somewhere in the middle of the plate where you do have a chance to hit him. Corey usually swings well off him, pitches on Brauny I don't think anybody's gonna hit. Pitches on Aramis too, when you go up in the zone and you're throwing 99-100, and you're not sure whether that ball's going to be a strike or not and you need to swing you're not going to catch up.