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Brewers 6, Phillies 7: Ron Roenicke's Post-Game comments

Ok folks, I couldn't hear a whole lot of the questions during this segment. So I had to paraphrase as best I could. As heard on FSWisconsin:

Didn't hear the first question

Yeah, we played a good game. Going to the ninth with a 6-3 lead bringing Frankie in. We played a good game. We just didn't get it done in the ninth.

Frankie's been kind of walking a fine line these last couple of outings and it came back to bite him tonight.

It did, yeah, the first couple of walks. I thought he made a good pitch on (Juan) Pierre. Somehow Pierre got down underneath it and hit it well. But he got some balls up - a fastball up to Howard. I don't know what the pitch was to Ruiz - I'm not sure if that was a high changeup, I don't know.

[writer's note: FSWisconsin, stop playing "highlights" over Roenicke's post-game comments so that no one can actually hear what he's saying or the questions that are being asked. Or at least mute them. I did not need to hear the screaming crowd there.]

...or is it just that he doesn't know where the ball's going?

I don't know, you'll have to ask him. I don't know. I mean, Frankie's always been a guy that's made pitches when he needs to. Yeah, the curveball looked like it was pretty close 3-2 to Utley, but I don't know. Just I'm not use to seeing Frankie like this.

Is it more disappointing when you score six runs off Roy Halladay? When that usually happens you expect the win, right?

Yeah, we do. Offensively we were good. Defensively we were good. And the pitching, I thought Randy did a nice job - a little tough in the first, but did a nice job.

[paraphrased] Carlos Gomez "doing it single-handedly offensively"

Yeah, on-base, stealing bases, you now, the homer is great. But getting on base and stealing and creating problems - when he's good, that's what he's doing well.

[paraphrased] The back-to-back home runs settled down Wolf and changed the game for him?

I don't know. I think he got a feel for his curve ball, got his feel for the cutter a little bit more and started pitching after that. He was, at the beginning, he wants to get that fastball in and he stays with it and when he makes a mistake a lot of times he gets hurt. But after that he was wanting to go back out for that last inning and got through the inning nice - but he pitched a good game.

Good to see Axford come in there - a big spot - and get a big out

Yeah it is. That's what we'd been hoping he would do by changing the roles a little bit. And so when he does that, yeah we're pleased. He came in and threw some nice breaking balls and got the fastball over the plate, which - he's got great stuff but he's got to command it better and he did tonight.

Do you think - we asked you about the days off for K-Rod earlier before the game - does that affect a guy's command at all do you think?

Yeah, it does. The problem is with Frankie is we went four in a row with him -five out of six and you go real hard with him and all of the sudden then he's off for five days and that's not the ideal way to pitch and keep your command. But it's hard, but we can't put him out there after you pitched him so hard, you can't just get him out there two days later to get him work, so it creates problems when we're not consistent in what we do in ballgames.