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Phillies 7, Brewers 6: Tonight's Turning Points

1) Carlos Ruiz's three-run double in the eighth: -.458 WPA

This was a gut punch that was only softened a bit because it felt like we should have seen it coming. The Brewers carried a 6-1 lead into the eighth but it was 6-3 with the bases loaded when Ruiz hit this ball to left center and tied the game.

2) Hunter Pence's RBI single in the eighth: -.291 WPA

The meltdown was complete on this play, as Pence drove in the Phillies' sixth run in the eighth and gave them the lead.

3) Ryan Braun's sixth inning solo home run: +.182 WPA

This game was tied 1-1 into the sixth when Ryan Braun led off the inning with a long solo home run to center to give the Brewers a 2-1 lead.

4) Martin Maldonado gets picked off third during the fifth inning: -.141 WPA

The Brewers had the bases loaded in the fifth with one out in a 1-1 game when Maldonado ventured off third and didn't get back when Cliff Lee threw over.

5) Zack Greinke's seventh inning solo home run: +.140 WPA

Greinke now has two home runs as a Brewer, and the second expanded the Brewer lead to 3-1 in the seventh.

The next five:

6) Corey Hart's first inning RBI single: +.116 WPA
7) Ryan Howard's first inning RBI single: -.102 WPA
8) Cesar Izturis' fifth inning single: +.075 WPA
9) George Kottaras' ninth inning strikeout: -.066 WPA
10) Carlos Gomez's eighth inning solo home run: +.059 WPA

Source: FanGraphs