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Stat Of The Night: Send The Bullpen For A Walk

Zack Greinke pitched seven innings tonight and did not allow a walk. Manny Parra and Kameron Loe followed him to the mound, however, and gave out four free passes in their single inning of work.

Brewer starting pitchers have been great at limiting bases on balls this season, giving out roughly 2.7 per nine innings. After tonight's meltdown, though, Brewer relievers are putting 4.4 batters on per nine.

Parra and Loe's outings tonight were the 115th and 116th times a Brewer reliever has been called into a game this season and allowed at least one walk. They're on pace to have 196 relief appearances with a walk this season, which would blow away the franchise record:

Team Games
2012 (projected) 196
2001 188
1999 184
1996 173
2002 173
2010 172

Brewer relievers allowed just 139 walks as a unit in all of 2011, or 2.8 per nine innings. That's 57% less than this year's 'pen.