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Stat Of The Day: Four Hits And A Plunk

Rickie Weeks had one of the best days of his 2012 season today, going 4-for-4 with a home run and getting hit by a pitch. It was only the third time all season a Brewer had reached base safely five times in a game, and the first time Ryan Braun wasn't the Brewer:

Player Date Opponent Line
Ryan Braun May 11 Cubs 0-for-2, 4 BB, HBP
Ryan Braun July 13 Pirates 4-for-4, 2 HR, BB
Rickie Weeks July 25 Phillies 4-for-4, HR, HBP

Weeks' line is interesting for another reason, though: This is only the eighth time in franchise history a player has both collected four hits and been hit by a pitch in the same game. Weeks is now the second player to do it twice:

Player Date Opponent
Paul Molitor June 14, 1992 Mariners
Fernando Vina April 16, 1998 Expos
Geoff Jenkins August 20, 2000 Astros
Devon White April 26, 2001 Mets
Brady Clark June 9, 2004 Angels
Brady Clark August 4, 2005 Mets
Rickie Weeks August 15, 2010 Rockies
Rickie Weeks Today Phillies

Weeks and Devon White are now the only players to have four hits, an HBP and a homer in the same game.

Amazingly, both of the Rickie Weeks games above were losses. The rest were all wins.