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Axford, Braun, Fiers, Gomez Or Greinke: Who Will Be Brewer Of The Week?

It's hard to drum up much excitement after an 0-7 week, but we've gathered every possible bright spot for our BotW nominees:

John Axford appeared in four games this week and pitched four scoreless innings, allowing a hit and a walk while striking out four. He was worth +.401 WPA.

Ryan Braun had eleven hits this week, including two doubles and a pair of home runs. He hit .379/.419/.655 and was worth +.494 WPA.

Mike Fiers (reigning and defending) allowed two runs (one earned) on five hits and struck out four without walking a batter against the Reds on Saturday. He was worth +.048 WPA this week.

Carlos Gomez had seven hits this week despite starting just four games, including a double and three home runs. He also went 4-for-5 stealing bases. He hit .368/.455/.895 and was worth +.529 WPA.

Zack Greinke allowed just one run on three hits over seven innings against the Phillies on Tuesday, walking none and striking out five. He was worth +.338 WPA this week.

Honorable mentions: Aramis Ramirez, Randy Wolf, Rickie Weeks