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Brewers 6, Nationals 0: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

First question was cut off:

Fiers was real good again, nice to see him continue to throw great ballgames. Offensively, nice. I thought we were patient, I thought we waited for pitches in the zone that we could hit, and did a nice job. Defensively, good job also. And the bullpen came in and did a great job.

On Livan Hernandez:

I don't know if he'll be our setup man but we certainly like it when he comes in. He throws strikes, and that's something that we need our guys to do in the bullpen. So I'm not sure exactly where we're going to use him. I know we signed him as a long man but we may use him a little bit deeper in the game.

Was the Greinke trade today a distraction?

Yeah, I think knowing what happened with Zack before the game, we did a nice job of concentrating and knowing what we had to get done. I think they knew something might happen with Zack so it's not really a shock to them. Anytime you lose one of your main guys it changes the feeling about things.

What happened before the game with the Greinke trade?

Doug came in and told me what had happened, who the trade was to, we brought Zack and in told him. We got a call a little later from (Angels GM) Jerry DiPoto and then I know Zack probably is uncomfortable to walk around and...what's he going to say? 'Hey, I'm traded guys?' So I walked around and told guys what we had done, and then Zack came in and we talked a little bit longer and that was it.

Are you going to miss him?

Absolutely. I like him as a pitcher, I like him as a really nice young man. I enjoyed him a lot.

Insight on the return from the trade?

I don't know the two pitchers at all. I do know the shortstop, not that I've seen him but I've heard things about him when I was there. We saw him just shortly in spring training. I talked to one guy that's familiar with him a few days ago when we were looking at him and there's a lot of good reports. So I think Doug was happy with the three young men we got and hopefully they'll be able tto help us shortly.

Does Mark Rogers fit into Greinke's slot in the rotation on Sunday?

Yes, he would.

Is this a chance to look at what could be the rotation going forward?

Well, I think we could. I think we'll lThornburg. But I think if Rogers comes up and he's lights out in a game, we'd like to see him again. I don't know if we'll automatically go forward with young guys, but we'll see how it goes.ook at Mark and see what happens there. We'll also see what we think with