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Brewers 13, Marlins 12: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

It was a game...the pitching part...Marco (Estrada) threw real good. He made that mistake in the first inning, but he threw a really good game. Other than that, we've got to get our bullpen straightened out. I don't know. These guys, they are good pitchers and for some reason, I hope it's not that their confidence is slipping a bit because they can really pitch. We need to get it together. But like I said we hung in there, did a great job offensively of scoring those runs. Getting behind there in the last inning and letting Ramy (Aramis Ramirez) hit the home run to win it. Gomey (Carlos Gomez) starting it off with the walk, really starting it off with the walk and making it tough on them by stealing the base. That would've been a hard one to lose. It was a hard one to win, it would've been a hard one to lose.

Does he need to tell Jose Veras to throw more fastballs?

Well, I agree he's got a good fastball, he does. But once he gets a hit I think he loses confidence with it. He's got such a good curveball that he likes to go to it. But he's got two really good pitches for me. And if they're located these guys aren't going to hit him. But he's got to be confident in both of them. And sometimes he's not.

Despite his confidence in the current roster, when does the team have to make a move if results don't improve?

Well, how are we going to do that?

(I don't know, but...)

Yeah, they're gonna get it. And the nice thing is we've won four in a row now. That's pretty nice when we're concerned about our bullpen. So... (he was cut off)

Where would you be with a good bullpen?

Well, where would we be if we scored five runs a game? There's a lot of things. It isn't just the bullpen. Bullpen was obviously a rough spot today. When you're winning 9-2 after six and 11-5 after seven, I'm trying to stay away from Frankie and Ax in the bullpen. That's my mind: in the sixth and seventh inning who do we put in to stay away from those two guys. And we ended up using everybody.