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Brewers 8, Astros 7: Ron Roenicke's post-game comments

As seen on FSWisconsin

My DVR hiccuped, so I missed the first question or two, but Roenicke said that he didn't want to use Axford today because he pitched 35 pitches yesterday, but felt he had to out of necessity. He also said Henderson wasn't available tonight.

Can you give us your view on that last play?

Uh I just heard on the replay that he was out, so that's - I was happy about that.

It was so close you couldn't tell from the bench, huh?

No, I couldn't. Great play by Izzy, great play by Corey and I know it was a sno-cone - it's sitting up there at the top of his glove, so - boy they sure aren't easy.

(Laughing) You going to survive much more of this?

It's tough. This is tough every night.

A four run lead, you felt that it would be ok? Why would you feel like that - it hasn't been the case?

Because I sti... It hasn't been happening, but Tom when you're watching these games every day you can't feel that these - it's going to keep happening every day. If you do - if you do that then you lost all faith in all your guys and I'm not going to do that. I still know they're going to come out of it. Kameron's being throwing the ball good. I thought "Well, if we bring him in, he's been throwing great. He'll be fine." And he wasn't

What would it take for you to lose faith in them? How long would it have to go on?

I'm not saying that I just think that every time out there that they're going to do a great job, I'm not saying that. I mean, it's been to the point where I still question some of the guys, but I still think these guys are going to turn it around and I still think when you have an 8-4 lead, I can't imagine being in trouble every single night when you do that. I don't think that's going to happen.

Pretty big night tonight for Morgan offensively. He had a 12-pitch at-bat and the home run to kind of get things going for the offense and then he had that sacrifice bunt - pretty big night for him offensively.

Yeah and he needed it. He's been struggling. He's been working hard. I haven't been playing him as much. So he needed a night like this to get him feeling good again about his game.

When you guys came back there (in the seventh) and K-Rod was warming up, did you think about sticking with him and pitching him?

Well is was 3-0 when he had him warming up, we started getting a little closer, we start talking about it and before the game we had talked about when we were going to use him. I want to use him in an inning where it's not on the line and that's why we had him up there and it ended up being tied and we got the lead so that's why we switched.

Tough way to go through the season when you just don't know if you're going to be able to hang out to a lead from every single night. Last year, you knew every time and now you never know. It's got to be hard on you.

Right now it's really difficult because we're trying to get somebody to come in there in the eighth and ninth inning and throw well. I like what Henderson's doing. He'll be available tomorrow and like I said he may be pushed back in those roles. But Axe I think is throwing the ball a little bit better. We'll probably keep him back there at the end. But it's difficult when you're trying everybody, it's difficult