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Stat Of The Night: .300 In Sight For Ramirez

When Aramis Ramirez picked up hits in each of his first three at bats tonight it raised his batting average to .293. That's pretty impressive when you consider the fact that he was hitting .205 on May 1.

Ramirez still has some more work to do to get there, but he's put himself in position to become the fourth Brewer in franchise history to qualify for the batting title and post a .300 average at third base. He'd be the first one ever to do it after having his average dip below .210 after May 1:

Player Season Average Low Point Date
Kevin Seitzer 1995 .311 .226 May 5
Paul Molitor 1982 .302 .242 May 1
Jeff Cirillo 1998 .321 .257 May 2
Jeff Cirillo 1996 .325 .270 May 19
Paul Molitor 1989 .315 .282 May 20
Jeff Cirillo 1999 .326 .283 May 30
Paul Molitor 1988 .312 .284 June 1
Kevin Seitzer 1994 .314 .308 July 27

Both of Seitzer's seasons above should have asterisks. The start of the 1995 season was delayed by the strike, so May 5 was only his ninth game. And the 1994 season was strike-shortened, so Seitzer hit over .300 and qualified for the batting title but did it while appearing in just 80 games.