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Brewers 10, Astros 1: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

First question was cut off:

Yeah, nice ballgame. Yovani, really good. Great offense today. And it was nice to see a couple of relievers come in and throw the ball well. Henderson threw real well. He had two ground balls that went between us, but I like the way he threw the ball. And for Frankie (Francisco Rodriguez), to have him come in and throw a good inning, that was good to see.

Was it more encouraging to see Henderson work out of trouble in the eighth?

Yeah, I think so. The first couple of games he had were pretty clean. So we'll see how he does when he gets some people on and he did a nice job.

Did they consider sending Gallardo back out for the eighth?

Yes. Yo wanted to go another inning and he was going another inning unless the at bat came up. But he wanted to go. I was kind of iffy either way. I'd rather we keep his pitch count down and make sure he's strong for the next game but he's got an extra day before his next outing with the off day. But I was fine either way.

The bullpen wasn't a factor in that decision?


Can a pitcher just have another team's number?

Sometimes they do. I don't know what the reason is except sometimes you pitch good the first couple of times you've got real good confidence coming into the game. Yo's stuff was really good today. Even in the first inning his command was a little off but his stuff was real good. And then all of a sudden, maybe from the third inning on command got great and that's when Yo usually gets in that role. Rhythm's good, he executes all his pitches, his curveball was outstanding today, so that was a good outing for him.

Ever been thrown out of a nine run game with the lead?

No. That's a really poor job by the umpire.

What happened?

He missed the call. He flat-out missed the call, he told me it was high and it wasn't even close to being high. Then Jerry (Narron) gets thrown out so I go out there and I tell him and he says 'you're yelling at me in a 10-1 ballgame.' And I told him 'I don't care what the score is. I've got a pitcher out there that's working as hard as he can. You blow a call and you throw my guy out.' And he throws me out for that. That's a poor job by the umpire.

On the veteran players carrying the offense today:

Right. Aramis continues to swing the bat really well, Corey, same thing. He gets people on base and he drives the ball but to get the two and three run homers, that's big.

Does he know if the team received significant offers for Ramirez or Hart before the trade deadline?

I couldn't address that, but the names weren't mentioned. I know there were some teams who mentioned those names, but Doug didn't mention anything to me about it.

Are those two a big part of the team's success going forward?

Yeah, I think so. I would hate to be without either one of them, but I can't really answer that because I'm not taking the calls. That's something you can ask Doug.

On Ramirez filling the cleanup spot:

Yes, he has. He's what we wanted. We knew we needed a #4 hitter to replace Prince and he's a guy we thought could do the job and he's showing he can go the job.