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Stat of the Night: The 200 Double Club

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Ryan Braun's double in the fifth inning was a milestone for him, as it was the 200th double of his career. With that double, he became the ninth player in franchise history to record 200 doubles. It also tied him with Prince Fielder for eighth in franchise history for doubles. He has a long way to go before reaching the top, as Robin Yount holds the Brewers career doubles record at 583.

Here is a list of the members of the Brewers' 200 double club:

Player Doubles
Robin Yount 583
Paul Molitor 405
Cecil Cooper 345
Geoff Jenkins 287
Jim Gantner 262
Jeff Cirillo 217
Don Money 215
Prince Fielder 200
Ryan Braun 200

We don't have to wait long for someone else to join this club. Corey Hart is just two doubles away from joining as well.