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Brewers 7, Astros 1: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

Did not hear the question:

Yeah, nice job by Yo to keep them down and a couple of nice hits. It's nice to start that first inning off with a couple balls that we hit pretty solid. Nori again, he squares up the ball.

Have you been surprised by how good Norichika Aoki has been against lefties?

Against lefties he's really good. I don't know what the reason is but he's really good. We actually got a little bit of a break with the foul tip off his bat there in the first inning, then he comes back with the home run. But Rickie, huge home run today. Corey swung the bat great today, Gomey (Carlos Gomez) swung it good, Braun swung it good, so it's nice to see everybody felt like they were locked in.

On Gallardo getting out of jams in the second and sixth with strikeouts:

Well, I don't know if he's bearing down any more than he would other times but certainly he came through with some big pitches. He's got so many different weapons that he can use and when he gets in a tight spot, when he's locating with all those different pitches it's going to be pretty tough for them to hit the located pitches.

Did Gallardo adjust to stop throwing first pitch fastballs after some were hit early?

Yeah, I think we saw right away, that first pitch fastball they weren't waiting. So I think it played to Yo's advantage because he does have such good command of his off-speed pitches that he could get them off balance with that and then slip a fastball in when he wants to. But he did change after the first inning, he changed.

How big is this outing for Gallardo's confidence?

Well, it's huge. I think early on Yo was kind of off and on, good game, then so-so, then a good game. He's strung together a lot of good games in a row now. The first couple of innings I thought he was kind of feeling for it a little bit, not exactly locked in on command. Then as the game went on I thought his rhythm got better and his command got better.

How important was it to get a win today without needing to use Francisco Rodriguez or John Axford?

Very important. It really gives Frankie and Ax the two days in a row and I think that's important. It gives Parra, and we weren't sure if we were going to pitch him today, he had three in a row. So that's a good outing, to let those guys breathe a little bit more.

Is Ryan Braun ok after being hit by a pitch in the ninth?

He's sore. He got smoked pretty good.