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Stat Of The Day: Healing Bruises On The Off Day

Today was the last of 13 games in 13 days for the Brewers, so it's possible they're tired. They might also be sore, as they've been hit by ten pitches as a team in the last ten days. Two of those came today.

When Jordan Lyles hit Rickie Weeks with a 92 mph fastball in the fourth inning it was the fifth consecutive day where a Brewer has been hit at least once. It's only the eighth time in franchise history that's happened, and two games shy of the franchise record:

Season(s) Start Date End Date Games Opponents
2001 July 19 July 25 7 Dodgers, Padres
2005-06 September 29 April 4 6 Reds, Pirates
2012 July 28 Today 5 Nationals, Astros
2006 May 24 May 29 5 Reds, Phillies, Pirates
2003 April 23 April 27 5 Marlins, Braves
1990 April 9 April 16 5 White Sox, Red Sox
1981 May 29 June 2 5 Red Sox, Tigers
1981 April 25 April 29 5 Royals, Blue Jays

The Brewers are 3-2 in their current streak, losing both games to the Nationals but sweeping the Astros.