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Brewers 13, Astros 4: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

First question was, once again, cut off:

That was good again. Nice start by Fiers, good offense again. So it's really nice to see.

Is this (the last four games) the best he's seen the offense look this year?

This year, yes. For that amount of games, yes.

On capitalizing on mistakes today:

Yeah, that's important, which we haven't been doing. Sometimes we get some breaks and we haven't capitalized on them, so it was nice to do that today. We got some breaks today too. The one inning we had two bloops, Corey kind of didn't get his bat good down the line and Brauny had the ground ball up the middle. We had four lucky hits and that has not happened to us so that was good. Then we had...Rickie smoked his homer. But we hadn't been getting those breaks.

On Ryan Braun's 14 pitch at bat that ended with a home run:

What an at bat, yeah. A lot of borderline pitches up, all those fastballs he was swinging at. And it's hard, really, to lay off that. But that's awesome. You see at bats like that but that's different. Nyjer had one a few days ago, Maldonado had one earlier, Luc had one earlier, but you remember those.

Updates on Shaun Marcum and Manny Parra:

Marcum, outstanding bullpen. Threw everything, all his off speed stuff, felt great. So he's ready to do a simulated in St. Louis and we'll try to get the field early for him and come up with something, then he should be ready to go out. I don't know if it'll be Saturday or Sunday, I'm not sure which it'll be. Maybe Sunday.

Parra still has a little bit of irritation there, so they talked about him kind of checking things out again on Monday.