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Blown Save Strikes Again, Brewers lose walkoff to Astros 4-3

W: Wilton Lopez (4-1)
L: John Axford (4-7)

MVP: Mark Rogers (.340)
LVP: John Axford (-.797)

Win Expectancy Graph and Star of the Game voting

Mark Rogers pitched 4.1 innings of no-hit baseball. His no-hitter was broken up by a Scott Moore bunt. In that fifth inning, Rogers allowed 3 singles and a run. He proceeded to pitch the next two innings without giving up a hit and allowing only one baserunner on a walk. Rogers deserved his first major league win soooo much, but we all know in our hearts what happens in 2012.

Jean Segura also had a good night, batting in two runs and getting his second major league hit. Rickie Weeks had his best night in what seems like forever, scoring two runs and hitting three (yes, THREE) doubles off Bud Norris.

The less said about Francisco Rodriguez, the better--especially giving up a home run to former Brewer Carlos Corporan. That was still better than what John Axford (with an assist by Jonathan Lucroy) put out, giving Houston their first walkoff win of 2012. Jim Henderson was warming up in the bullpen. Why Jim Henderson was not used is not a question I am able to answer. All I can say is that Lee Tunnell didn't look like he was an attendee at Happy Camp during the 9th.