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Brewers 6, Rockies 9: Ron Roenicke's Post-Game Comments

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As always, we didn't hear the first question...

... one of those night. The command of fastball and the off-speed stuff wasn't there. He missed his location in some areas where we knew those guys were good. He's pitched so well that somewhere along the line he was going to have a game like this. So hopefully, the next one get him back pitching. But he's done a great job.

Does pitching here sometimes get to young guys. Seems like a lot of young guys really have a hard time here.

It can if you hear a lot about it. I know you go out and watch BP and you watch the way the balls are flying and sometimes it does change the way you pitch. You try to be a little finer and you end up getting behind in counts, but the hit everything he threw up there. They didn't miss anything.

We've been so impressed with Mike's (Fiers) composure since he's been up. Do you go talk to him and say kind of wipe this out of the memory banks and move forward or do you think you won't have to do that with him?

No, I'll definitely talk to him. I'd do that with anybody, though. I talked to him just a little bit on the bench, but he's a battler. He'll come back and - you look at some of the the games where he gets away with a lot of stuff and it's because he's got that good deception - because he's got guys thinking off speed. And these guys, they just came out swinging. You know, mostly all fast balls, but you know, they didn't miss anything. He missed with a lot of pitches that they hit, but he threw some decent pitches that they also hit.

This is kind of the first time where you saw him (Fiers) not really rely on the deception so much?

Well, I saw it in Spring Training. But yeah, since he's been starting for us, this is the first time I haven't seen guys foul off balls and just miss them. They were on him a lot.

Any positives come out of tonight?

Livo (Livan Hernandez) I thought was really good. I thought Frankie (Fernando Rodriguez) was really good. And swinging the bat it's still nice, I know it's late, but it's still nice to get six runs. Their lefty has us baffled. Good off-speed stuff, the cutter was nice. Get the cutter in on the hands. He had us baffled.

It's weird when they pull the guy, isn't it. He was at 75 pitches...

Yeah, right. That's what they're doing, so...