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Stat Of The Night: Leaving Everyone Behind

For the first four innings of today's game missed opportunities were the story. The Brewers left the bases loaded in the first, two more on in the second and two in the fourth for seven team LOB before the game was even half over.

The Brewers were able to put together some offense after that and finished the game with eight runners left on base. Their 2012 season high is 14, set on May 30 against the Dodgers in a game they won 6-3.

With that said, both today's total and the 14 spot back in May aren't even all that close to the nine inning franchise record. On May 16, 1986 the Brewers somehow manged to leave 19 men on base as a team:

  • Three in the first inning.
  • Two in the third.
  • Three in the fourth.
  • Three more in the fifth.
  • One in the sixth.
  • Three in the seventh.
  • Two in the eighth.
  • Two in the ninth when the winning run scored.
Somehow, despite all the missed opportunities the Brewers still beat the Twins in that game, 7-6. Bill Schroeder went 2-for-4 with a walk and drove in the winning run with a single in the ninth.