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Rockies 7, Brewers 6: Today's Turning Points

1) Tyler Colvin's walkoff two-run double in the ninth inning: -.519 WPA

The Brewers went from save situation to loss on one pitch today, as Tyler Colvin's double with two on drove in two runs and gave the Rockies the win.

2) Eric Young's ninth inning single: -.245 WPA

Young was the third batter of the inning and provided the second of three straight hits as the Rockies rallied to win.

3) Nyjer Morgan's fifth inning RBI single: +.173 WPA

The Brewers were trailing 4-0 heading into the fifth but came all the way back in that inning. This single from Nyjer Morgan gave them a 5-4 lead.

4) Chris Nelson's sixth inning RBI single: -.152 WPA

The Rockies bounced back in the sixth by scoring a single run in the sixth to tie the game at five.

5) Nyjer Morgan's seventh inning RBI single: +.145 WPA

Morgan's second RBI hit of the game gave the Brewers the lead once again at 6-5.

The next five:

6) Corey Hart's fifth inning RBI double: +.127 WPA
7) Wilin Rosario's ninth inning single: +.103 WPA
8) Chris Nelson's two run single in the first inning: -.102 WPA
9) Jim Henderson strikes out Jonathan Herrera in the ninth inning: +.100 WPA
10) Rickie Weeks' fifth inning RBI double: +.089 WPA

Source: FanGraphs