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Rockies 7, Brewers 6: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

Joined in progress per usual:

Same thing, we play good baseball then give it up at the end. We had chances early, though, we had chances offensively to score runs. We're not getting that big hit we need to get.

On giving up first inning runs three straight days:

We're going to have to figure out something better as starters, and be more prepared and ready to not give up so many runs in the first. You shouldn't be giving up that many runs in the first.

On Rogers settling down:

He was fine. He wasn't as sharp as his last couple of outings but he mixed up his off speed pitches enough to where they couldn't just sit on the fastball. His fastball kind of fluctuated in velocities which sometimes I think he's just trying to throw strikes and hit spots and sometimes when he needs to he's got a little more to try to get by guys. But he, after that first he did a nice job of keeping us there and we plugged away and got some runs and went ahead. But things just aren't going right.

On the hit down the line that won the game:

I thought it was foul but it came back and I couldn't tell where it came back and I asked (coach) Joe Crawford and he said it came back fair. So it came back and landed fair in front of the bag so it's a fair ball. But it started foul.

Bad luck today?

It does. Yeah, it's Rogers' first inning, he gives up two more runs on really a chopped ball, not even a hard hit ball, it's chopped between third and short. And it's the way things are going.

On scoring enough to keep it close in all three games:

Yeah, we kept coming back and making it interesting, but in this ballpark you should score enough runs. We tack on earlier runs and we should have a game where we've got a little more leeway at the end. But the pitching, we've got to get better with the pitching.