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Today's Matchup: Milwaukee (Wolf) vs. Philadephia (Kendrick)


Kyle Kendrick (5-9, 4.53) has continued his now six-year pattern of rotation good and bad seasons with another poor campaign in 2012. Since 2007, his ERAs have gone 3.87, 5.49, 3.42 (limited MLB playing time), 4.73, 3.22, 4.53. His peripheral stats don't change much. In fact, his FIP has remained between 4.45 and 5.55 with the exception of 2009, when he only pitched a few games in the majors.

This year, both his 6.45 K/9 and his 3.31 BB/9 are career highs. His current .309 BABIP is also the highest it has ever been. Kendrick has split 2012 between starting and coming out of the bullpen. Of his 28 appearances, 16 of them have been starts. Aside from one (very good) start in July, he spent the entire month in the bullpen. He returned to the rotation in August with mixed results. He allowed two earned runs in four innings his first start back, then six earned runs in 3.1 innings his next outing. His latest start, he pitched seven shutout innings, allowing just five hits and striking out six.

Kendrick throws three pitches: A 90 MPH sinker (45%), an 82 MPH changeup (29%), and an 86 MPH cutter (25%). Just two Brewers have faced Kendrick at least 10 times. In 12 PA, Ryan Braun has hit .500/.500/.600 while Corey Hart has hit .222/.300/.333 in 10 PA.

For the Brewers, it's Randy Wolf's (3-9, 5.69) turn in the rotation. Wolf allowed six earned runs in five innings his last outing as his current August ERA stands at 7.16. If I'm counting right, it appears that Wolf has eight more turns in the rotation with the Brewers. That sounds like eight too many.

Wolf has faced seven current Phillies hitters at least ten times. Here is how they have fared:

Player PA Line
Juan Pierre 39 .389/.421/.472
Ty Wigginton 34 .303/.294/.424
Ryan Howard 24 .227/.292/.727
Chase Utley 21 .263/.333/.421
Jimmy Rollins 19 .316/.316/.474
Brian Schneider 11 .222/.364/.333
John Mayberry 10 .222/.300/.333


In the bullpen:

Francisco Rodriguez pitched one inning (11) Friday and one inning (18 pitches) yesterday.
Kameron Loe pitched two innings (27 pitches) yesterday.
Jim Henderson pitched one inning (21 pitches) yesterday.
Livan Hernandez pitched one inning (23) Friday.

Manny Parra
pitched .1 innings (12 pitches) Thursday.
Jose Veras pitched two innings (45 pitches) Thursday.
John Axford pitched .2 innings (8 pitches) on Wednesday.
Mike McClendon last pitched on Monday.