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Brewers 9, Cubs 5: Ron Roenicke's Post-Game Comments

As seen on FSWisconsin:

They were short and sweet tonight and as always, we didn't hear the first question:

Yeah, nice to give him the win. I thought his command was a little off, especially early. He battled it. We turned a nice double play for him, which helped. Pitch count got up pretty fast. But I thought after that command got better. Fastball still had good life on it. It always seems to have good life. It's just always going to be command with him. Threw some real good breaking balls and then left quite a few up in the zone. But battled through enough to keep us in it and like you said, we finally scored some runs for him.

Do you feel like he was due an outing like that where he wasn't at his best and still get rewarded?

Yes I do. Sometimes its hard when you're throwing so well and you're not getting any wins. Nice to sneak one in for him.

Was it stress innings that he had, was 90 pitches enough because of that?

Yes. And, being down, its a little bit different when you get to that spot in the game. Sometimes you get a guy in scoring position and you feel like you need to try to do what you can to get that runner in. Fortunate we strung together a lot of runs in a row.