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TimberRattlers 3, Peoria 4: A photo set

Here's a batch of photos from today's Timber Rattlers game against the Cubs affiliate Peoria Chiefs. The slideshow is embedded or you can view the set on Flickr here.

The pics of the scoreboard show you which player is batting in the ensuing pictures. The pitchers in order are no. 36 Mark Williams, No. 40 Stosh Wawrsek, No. 19 Michael Strong and No. 23 Michael White.

Today's lineup was

26 Chadwin Stang RF
2 Brandan Macis DH
15 Ben McMahan LF
16 Cameron Garfield C
33 Nick Ramirez 1B
10 Greg Hopkins 2B
13 Yadiel Rivera SS
21 Mike Garza 3B
7 Carlos George CF