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Stat Of The Night: The Debut Triple

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Cubs pitcher Chris Rusin had a moment to remember tonight: In the first at bat of his first major league game he tripled to right center off Marco Estrada. It was only the 26th triple Brewer pitchers have allowed this season, and the first time a pitcher has tripled against them since Adam Wainwright did it in 2010.

Rusin is also only the second opposing pitcher ever to triple at Miller Park. Mark Hendrickson of the Marlins was the other: He did it against Carlos Villanueva in 2008.

Furthermore, Rusin is only the 12th pitcher since 1918 to triple in his major league debut.

Pitcher Team Date
Chris Rusin Cubs August 21, 2012*
Joel Hanrahan Nationals July 28, 2007*
John Stuper Cardinals June 1, 1982
Doug Rau Dodgers September 2, 1972*
Bob Moose Pirates September 19, 1967*
Arnie Portocarrero Athletics (Philadelphia) April 18, 1954
Dick Weik Senators September 8, 1948
Fred Caligiuri Athletics (Philadelphia) September 3, 1941**
Jim Henry Red Sox April 23, 1936**
Van Mungo Dodgers (Brooklyn) September 7, 1931 **
Al Grabowski Cardinals September 11, 1929**
Hal Deviney Red Sox July 30, 1920**

* - These players also tripled in their first major league plate appearance.
** - B-Ref doesn't have play-by-play data from these games, so it's possible these pitchers tripled in their first PA.

Rusin, by the way, was a 15-for-70 career hitter in the minors and had never had an extra base hit as a professional before tonight.