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Brewers 5, Cubs 2: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

First question was cut off, per usual:

Yeah, great job by Marco (Estrada). His curveball was outstanding. Fastball location was good, he had good life on it, even in the last inning real good life. Curveballs, most of them were down in the zone and he threw some nice changeups too but it was good to get him a win. That was really good.

Was it important to him to get Estrada a win?

It is. To go through a season and not have one, that's not what you want to do.

Has Estrada had the rotation's worst luck?

He's had a lot of it. Some of that is because late in the game he's given up some runs. He'll have a great game going and then give up some. But we also haven't necessarily scored a lot for him. It was nice to get him five runs today, it was nice to add on that last one, I thought that was important. Overall, bullpen was outstanding. Loe, that sinker was as good of a sinker as he's had. Frankie was great. It's good to see those guys coming in. Getting Ax back out there for a save, that was good.

What does getting a save tonight mean for Axford?

Well, I think in conversations that I've had with him and he's had with me, this is a guy we'd obviously like to be in that closer role. The reason we took him out is to try to do what's best for him to get back into that role. I think when he was out of it he pitched well enough to allow us the confidence that we think we can put him back in there now. Henderson's throwing the ball good, I have no problem with Henderson doing it either, but I think when we get Ax there we can reel off another 49 in a row or whatever it was he had, and that's a great place to be if he can get back there.

Is the plan now to get Axford only easy saves?

Oh no, I'm not going to do easy saves. If it was 3-0 there Ax would have had the ninth inning. And I'm not saying I'm going to do that every time, but I think when everything matches up well I think he'll be in there. I'm sure Henderson will have his chances. Hopefully we'll have a lot of chances here as the season goes along.