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Brewers 3, Cubs 2: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

On Yovani Gallardo:

He's strung together a lot of good games in a row and I think even with all the things that have happened to him lately emotionally he looked good before the game. He looked good yesterday. So we felt pretty good with him going into the game and after the first batter he was really good.

Were today's strikeouts just a matter of him having really good stuff?

Yeah, stuff and command. And when he's good you have both those things going. He has so many different pitches that he can command that it makes it tough to go up there and look for a certain pitch.

More on Gallardo:

Well, certainly every time we get out there we feel pretty good with him going out. I know sometimes that first inning with him they may get a run or something. But once he's going he's pretty tough to get to late in the games.

On John Axford having a big day:

I think so. I think yesterday was good, and coming back and getting a full inning. His fastball was outstanding again, good location on it, threw a great slider to get a strikeout and had a couple curveballs he missed up and then missed down with one. But outstanding fastball.

What did Axford say to get his job back?

He came in and talked to me. I don't want to say what went on but he's in a place where he should be.

On getting just enough offense under the day game shadows:

It's always tough in the day games. It's getting later in the year now and I noticed we used to be ok through three innings and now in the second inning those shadows come into play.

On the decision to no longer half-close the roof for day games:

We talked about it, I talked to the hitters about it and I know before when we had it partially closed there was always shadows. To start the game there were shadows. And I know later it got better but I thought 'why don't we play the first three innings at least where everyone can see the ball well?' The sun's out, and we tried it, they liked it and we kept it that way.