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Timber Rattlers Notebook: August 23

Coming to you live from the press box at Time Warner Field at Fox Cities Stadium, it's the Timber Rattlers against the Los Angeles Angels affiliate Cedar Rapids Kernels.

The Timber Rattlers were the first half champions and are playing .500 ball here in the second half - they're 29-29. The Kernels are just 16-42 on the second half of the season.

While their spot in the postseason is assured, manager Matt Erickson told me the team has a goal of having the best overall season record. Currently they are 4.5 games up with 12 games to go.

They're also looking for momentum heading into the first week of September. If they can win the first playoff series, they'll assure themselves home-field advantage for the playoffs.

Tonight's pitcher for Wisconsin is David Goforth, a 23-year-old RHP. He's 8-8 on the season, but he lost his last three outings. His era is 5.02 and opponents are hitting .277 against him.

The rest of the lineup is as follows:

26 Chadwin Stang CF
13 Yadiel Rivera SS
2 Brandon Macias 3B
15 Ben McMahan RF
16 Cameron Garfield DH
10 Greg Hopkins 1B
4 Lance Roenicke LF
12 Rafael Neda C
7 Carlos George

I haven't seen Roenicke play before and I'm used to Cameron Garfield at C, where he did a great job of stopping everything when I was here Tuesday, so I'll be interested to watch Neda handle himself.

I'll have a feature on Chadwin Stang, Yadiel Rivera, Chad Pierce and Greg Hopkins and their full seasons at Wisconsin, so look for that.

Otherwise, watch Twitter and the comments for updates.