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Stat Of The Night: Striking Out Ten Twice

Mike Fiers had a big night tonight, allowing three runs on five hits over 6.2 innings and tying a career high with ten strikeouts. This is the eighth time a Brewer pitcher has struck out ten batters in a game this season, and Fiers is now the fourth pitcher to do it twice:

Pitcher Opponent Date Strikeouts
Mike Fiers Pirates August 24 10
Yovani Gallardo Pirates July 15 14
Marco Estrada Pirates July 14 11
Mike Fiers Diamondbacks June 30 10
Marco Estrada Reds June 26 12
Zack Greinke Cubs June 6 12
Yovani Gallardo Cubs June 5 10
Zack Greinke Reds May 9 11

The Brewer record for 10 strikeout games in a season is eleven, set in 1987 and tied last season. Zack Greinke and Yovani Gallardo had ten of the eleven last season.

It's also worth noting that seven of the eight games above have come against NL Central opponents and the last three have all come against the Pirates.