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Stat Of The Night: A Winning Month, Maybe?

Tonight's win was the Brewers' fourth in five road games and their 14th in August, their most in any month this season. They're three games over .500 in August now with three games to play, meaning there's a strong chance they'll have their first winning month of the season:

Month Record
April 11-12
May 12-16
June 12-14
July 12-14
August 14-11

The Brewers were above .500 in all six full months of the 2011 season (not counting March, when they went 0-1). They haven't been below .500 in all six months of a season since 2002, when they went 8-18, 10-18, 11-16, 9-17, 10-18, 8-19 en route to a 56-106 finish.