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Cardinals 9, Brewers 3: More Bad Baseball


W: Joe Kelly (2-4)
L: Randy Wolf (3-8)

HR: None

MVP: Cody Ranson (+.059)
LVP: Randy Wolf (-.279 pitching, +.091 hitting for -.188 total)

Win Expectancy Graph

I'm on the road for the weekend and the internet is hit or miss, so I'll keep this brief.

Tonight the Brewers:

  • Found new ways to waste outs bunting.
  • Got another lackluster start from Randy Wolf (5 runs on nine hits over 5.1 innings)
  • Committed four errors, including three errant throws from Martin Maldonado and Corey Hart's first miscue at first base.
  • Got nothing from Aramis Ramirez, who sat out again with his sore wrist.
  • Once again showed that they're really bad at winning baseball games that don't involve the Astros.
The Brewers are now 1-10 in their last eleven non-Astros games. They're also 0-7 in road games since the All Star break.

The sun'll come out again tomorrow and as long as it does Mark Rogers will take on Adam Wainwright at 6:15.