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ARCHIVED AUDIO: Kyle's Tuesday Appearance On The Home Stretch

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Due to the quick turnaround between last night's game and today's matinee, the Frosty Mug is off today. It will return tomorrow. - KL

With football season absorbing more and more of his airspace, Justin Hull of 95.3 FM/AM 1570 The Score in Appleton and I are moving our weekly chats earlier in the week and sat down for most of an hour yesterday. Here are some things we talked about:

  • The Brewers' hot August, what may have caused it and what it means for the future.
  • How much of the Brewers, and specially Francisco Rodriguez's, recent successes can be attributed to playing teams they should beat?
  • Kameron Loe, his resurgence and long term role.
  • Francisco Rodriguez and the possibility that the Brewers will be able to find someone to take him before the postseason roster deadline on Friday.
  • Corey Hart and the pending decisions on his contract and position.
  • Rickie Weeks and why it's important to consider more than batting average when evaluating him.
For all that and a reminder that Justin is going to owe me lunch when the Pirates lose 17 more times, check out the archive of yesterday's show.

We haven't confirmed this yet, but it looks like next week's show will be on Tuesday.