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27 pitches of terror: Brewers get walked on by Cubs, 12-11

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W: Carlos Marmol (2-2)
L: Francisco Rodriguez (2-7)

HR: Jonathan Lucroy (9), Ryan Braun (36), Cody Ransom (10)

MVP: Jonathan Lucroy (.352)
LVP: Francisco Rodriguez (-.915)

win expectancy, etc.

Brooks Raley at least operated as advertised--prone to gophers--but unfortunately the usual suspects in the Brewers bullpen also operated as advertised. Shaun Marcum also left in the 4th inning due to leg cramping. If this is his final game in a Brewers uniform, it's probably because he just hit the DL again or got shut down for the rest of 2012. At least Ryan Braun almost hit for the cycle and Rickie Weeks had the first 5-hit game of his major league career. Jonathan Lucroy also hit an epic grand slam.

In lieu of the usual "crap bullpen" rant, I'm going to rant about something else related to coverage of the Brewers. I got home late due to being trapped in waiting hell (never break your glasses the week before school starts. Or have to go to the license bureau for that matter) but at least I thought I'd have the solace of Brewers games in the car or at my mom's house while I tried to help her fix her computer. But, no, WEVR decided it was more important to put the Packers pregame on at the scheduled time and shifted the in-progress Brewers game to the AM channel...which in this part of the Twin Cities today was nothing but bbbzzzz. I at least got to hear the last bit with TPOT's epic battle with Starlin Castro before it ended up going bzzzzt again. Thanks, radio station. I know the Brewers suck this year, but you did this last year during the NLCS, so I'm not surprised.