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Prognostikeggers 2012 - Week 20: Brewers vs. Pirates

Is he belly flopping or sliding?
Is he belly flopping or sliding?

(Sorry for the delay this morning, SB Nation had some issues right around the publish time and it did not publish right away.)

Ten series are left in the Brewers season. Despite it being a four-game series with a few high-scoring games, overall it was a low-scoring series for Prognostikeggers. That didn't stop MichaelE1 from taking the lead to start the week. It's not a big lead, as aaronetc is close behind. Overall standings did not change much either, as icecreamman held his lead. However, he has not made a move yet to solidify that lead, leaving a window open for people to catch up.

The Brewers are back at Miller Park to end August and start September. Only three at home before another road trip. Let's see how his one plays out.

(Click here to view the rules for Prognostikeggers, and click here to view the official rules for the prize giveaway for Pick 6 and Prognostikeggers. All participants are subject to the official rules.)

Extra Prediction for the Series: Home run distance prediction time! Predict the length of the longest home run hit in the game. This is the longest home run as listed by the box score on ESPN. If you are within 10 feet of the longest home run, you will get 1 point. If you are within 5 feet, you will get 2 points. If you predict it exactly, you will get 3 points.

Daily Winners for the Past Series: Congratulations to the following people, who earned entries into the prize drawing with daily wins in the past series.

August 27: Kid19, vandecm
August 28: SCBrewer
August 29: MichaelE1
August 30: ballacksrise

Entry Forms

August 31 - Jeff Karstens vs. Mark Rogers
Click here to enter your predictions
Predictions lock at 7:10 PM CDT
Click here to view all predictions

September 1 - A.J. Burnett vs. Marco Estrada
Click here to enter your predictions
Predictions lock at 6:10 PM CDT
Click here to view all predictions

September 2 - James McDonald vs. Yovani Gallardo
Click here to enter your predictions
Predictions lock at 1:10 PM CDT
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Check below the jump for detailed scoring from the Cubs series.

Weekly & Overall Winners

Week 1 dvtpz, steaksandwiches
Week 2 MichaelE1, vandecm
Week 3 gavitron9
Week 4 Kid19
Week 5 icecreamman
Week 6 Kid19
Week 7 Bush League All Star, Michael E1
Week 8 the notorious r.d.m
Week 1-8 Overall icecreamman

Week 9 Bush League All Star, Mike2k33
Week 10 dvtpz
Week 11 dikapalooza
Week 12 aaronetc, icecreamman
Week 13 aaronetc, icecreamman
Week 14 dikapalooza
Week 15 aaronetc
Week 16 aaronetc
Week 9-16 Overall aaronetc

Week 17 icecreamman
Week 18 icecreamman
Week 19 AcesHigh

Current Standings for Week 20

Overall Standings

Scoring Summary

August 27 Scoring

Attendance 32541 4 Correct
Runs 15 Runs 0 Correct
Hits 21 Hits 0 Correct
Errors 2 Errors 0 Correct
MVP Aramis Ramirez 3 Correct
Extra – Strikeouts 22 5 Correct @ 1 Point

Bonus Predictions

vandecm 2 Points Aoki stolen base
MichaelE1 2 Points Hart HR
icecreamman 3 Points Estrada gets credited with the win
jarlbartar 3 Points Braun gets at least 3 RBI

August 28 Scoring

Attendance 30017 0 Correct
Runs 4 Runs 1 Correct
Hits 6 Hits 0 Correct
Errors 0 Errors 9 Correct
MVP Yovani Gallardo 7 Correct
Extra – Strikeouts 15 5 Correct @ 1 Point

Bonus Predictions

No correct bonuses.

August 29 Scoring

Attendance 33271 2 Correct
Runs 3 Runs 2 Correct
Hits 8 Hits 2 Correct
Errors 1 Error 3 Correct
MVP Michael Fiers 5 Correct
Extra – Strikeouts 20 3 Correct @ 2 Points, 4 Correct @ 1 Point

Bonus Predictions

AcesHigh 1 Point Bullpen doesn't allow a run
MichaelE1 2 Points Axford Save

August 30 Scoring

Attendance 28859 0 Correct
Runs 11 Runs 0 Correct
Hits 17 Hits 0 Correct
Errors 0 Errors 10 Correct
MVP Jonathan Lucroy 0 Correct
Extra – Strikeouts 10 1 Correct @ 1 Point

Bonus Predictions

dikapalooza 2 Points Brewers steal 2+ bases
MichaelE1 3 Points Lucroy HR
ballacksrise 3 Points Lucroy HR