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Today In Brewer History: Briggs' Big Day

On this day in 1973 just 6,589 fans came to Cleveland Stadium on a Saturday to watch the Brewers beat the Indians 9-4 on the strength of a five-run ninth inning. The big blow was Pedro Garcia's two run homer in the final frame. Jim Colborn went the distance for his 14th victory of the season.

The game's big story, however, was Brewer leadoff hitter and left fielder John Briggs. He led off the game with a single to right and scored a run. He doubled in the second and scored again. He singled in the fourth before being caught stealing and again in the sixth before being stranded. He doubled for the second time in the eighth, and when he singled again in the ninth he became the first Brewer ever to collect six hits in a game.

At the time Briggs was the 55th major leaguer ever to reach six hits. He was the 35th ever to do it in a nine inning game, and just the 30th to do it in six at bats.

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