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Brewers 3, Reds 1: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Quotes

As seen on FS Wisconsin.

Joined in progress:

Well, Kam was lose, ready to go, and I wanted to see how he was doing. If he was gassed, I'd go get Kameron, and he said he was good and he wanted another hitter, which is what I really wanted to hear.

Is it a key to winning when you don't give up walks?

Oh, it is. That was quite a ballgame. He was baffling guys, he was throwing balls by people. Like you said, he's not walking people to hurt him. That was an outstanding game.

Is he surprised at how well Fiers is going, and if he's just a good pitcher (didn't catch this question clearly due to background noise)

I think it is. Before you asked me about facing, I don't remember who it was, one of you guys asked me about facing the same team twice. I think he's shown that he can pitch, and he's a battler. He really competes well, and he just baffles guys with all the different stuff he has.

What was it like to be perfect through six, especially against a really good team?

It was impressive. A couple of balls hit hard, Nori made another nice play in right, but most of the game he's keeping guys off balance. He gets guys thinking the offspeed then he elevates a fastball by them. He's got a really good idea of what he's doing out there.

How impressive was it that he refocused after giving up the hit in the seventh?

Well, you're right. That's when we're looking at it on the bench, that's when you worry about, give up that hit, get the letdown, and then all of a sudden you make another bad pitch and someone drives one out of the ballpark. That's always a concern, but he gathered himself again and went right after it, and I think that's when I talk about being a competitor and going after the people. That's what he see in him.

What did he see in Jim Henderson and how good was it to have no ninth inning drama?

Really good fastball, really good slider. Got 2-0 on the first hitter but comes back and he's impressive so far. Hopefully we can continue to put him in some situations and whether it's the eighth, ninth, whatever we think we need. But if he keeps doing this, he's going to open up some eyes.