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Brewers 3, Reds 1: Tonight's Turning Points

It's an abbreviated turning points today, because the game turned in the first and never really turned back. So, here are the top five plays from the Brewers 3-1 win.

1) Aramis Ramirez's Two-Run Home Run in the First Inning: +.190 WPA

With so much conversation around Mike Fiers tonight, we almost forget to talk about the offensive hero for the Brewers. Ramirez provided all of the offense the Brewers needed, blasting a two-run home run in the first inning to give the Brewers a 2-0 lead that they would not give up.

2) Zack Cozart's Seventh Inning Double: -.086 WPA

Mike Fiers entered the seventh inning perfect, and this hit ended his bid with perfection. It gave the Reds their first baserunner of the night, and he would end up scoring on two productive outs.

3) Mike Fiers Strikes Out Ryan Ludwick to End the Eighth Inning: +.076 WPA

Before this at-bat, Ron Roenicke spoke to Fiers and asked him if he wanted to stay in. When Fiers said yes, Roenicke left him in the game. There were runners at first and third with two outs, and the go-ahead run at the plate. That's where he stayed as Fiers struck him out to end the eighth inning and preserve the lead.

4) Rickie Weeks Leads Off the Seventh Inning With a Double: +.053 WPA

Rickie Weeks started the Brewers half of the seventh inning with a double of his own, and then copied the Reds' run by scoring thanks to two productive outs by Jonathan Lucroy and Jean Segura.

5) Todd Frazier Flies Out for the Second Out of the Eighth Inning: +.046 WPA

With a runner on first, Fiers got a fly out from Frazier to record the second out and keep the runner at first base.

That's all for tonight. No other play had a WPA above .044 on the night.

Source: FanGraphs