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Stat Of The Night: Ten Hits, One Run

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The Brewer pitchers and defense did a fantastic job scattering baserunners tonight, as the Braves were able to put together ten hits but just one run. They had at least one hit in the first, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth but only pushed a run across in one of those innings, the fifth.

Tonight's game was the 32nd nine inning game in franchise history where Brewers pitchers allowed ten or more hits but one run or less. The record for most hits in a one run game is 13, set in 1992.

Date Opponent Hits Runs Starting Pitcher
July 11, 1992 Royals 13 1 Bill Wegman
June 27, 1984 Blue Jays 12 1 Chuck Porter
May 22, 1984 Rangers 12 1 Chuck Porter
May 13, 1984 Twins 12 1 Jaime Cocanower
August 13, 1974 Rangers 12 1 Bill Champion

Before tonight the most hits the Brewers had allowed in a game where they gave up one run or less was six, most recently set on May 29.