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Today In Brewer History: A Much Longer Drought For Yount

Robin Yount and Prince Fielder are #1 and 2 on the Brewers' all-time home run list, but to say they took different routes to get there would be an understatement. Fielder hit his 230 homers over seven seasons, hitting one roughly every 15 at bats. Yount, meanwhile, took a much more measured approach. He never hit more than 29 in a season but hit ten or more in eleven of his 20 years as a Brewer en route to 251.

Even Yount's relatively limited power, though, took a while to come around. On this day in 1977 he went 2-for-4 with a pair of doubles in a 5-3 Brewer loss to the A's, and it was his 121st consecutive game without a long ball. He hadn't gone deep since the first game of a doubleheader on May 1.

With that said, Yount was still a productive player during his powerless stretch. He hit .294/.342/.376 with 31 doubles and four triples during the streak.

Yount finally broke the drought with a homer on September 12, and hit another the next day. He finished the season with four.

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