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Brewers 5, Braves 0: Ron Roenicke's Post-Game Comments

Apropos of nothing, you all needed to see this "Three Amigos" shot from tonight's game. 
(Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)
Apropos of nothing, you all needed to see this "Three Amigos" shot from tonight's game. (Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)
Getty Images

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Didn't hear the first question

Command real good right from the beginning. Off-speed pitches good right from the beginning. First batter, Bourn, I believe he threw five changeups to the first batter. So I think his off-speed made a big difference. He located the ball well all night.

He had some close calls tonight, Ron. Is that just a matter of a guy's just missing it by that much or him having that little late movement or something?

I think because of the off-speed pitches, I think he surprises guys - especially when he throws the fast-ball in. He had some guys froze. Other guys, a little bit late swings because not really expecting it in there. He located in and out well with his fastball as well as getting all the off-speed over.

Is that the quickest you've moved out of the dugout all season when Chipper almost got that one out and you said "I"m going to take care of him" in that second out in the sixth?

Um. Yeah, it gets to the point where his pitch count gets up there - get a little concerned. Are you talking about the balls with Marco, is that what you're talking about? I think Marco, sometimes we start getting up near that 100 pitch mark and you start seeing him missing and then balls are coming off pretty hot and I get a little concerned.

Not just from a pitching standpoint, but from an evaluation standpoint, has your managerial style changed because of the way circumstances have changed over the last 20 games?

I don't know that it's changed that much. I think the more you get to know somebody and the more you see, the more you get late in the season where some guys stay strong through the year, some guys wear out a little. Our young guys have stayed pretty strong through their outings - they just kind of run out of pitches - but Peralta, Rogers both maintain their velocity very well. But they, because they throw balls, they run out of pitches early.

It took four and a half months to back to .500 and we've been asking about it, but how does it feel to get there?

Well obviously it's nice to get there. The more important thing that I'm excited about is the way we're playing. Our pitching has been outstanding - starters and relievers. And we're getting some clutch hits from a lot of different people. I think Nori, how he's stepped up and is picking up so many RBIs for us. Aramis continues to do it. Rickie's killing the ball. But we didn't do much off Hudson after that ball Rickie hit in the first inning. He was pretty tough. And there's a lot of good things offensively. Nice bunt by Travis, good job by Segura beating out the double play. But a lot of good things happened.