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Brewers 8, Braves 2: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

Comments were a little short today.

Joined in progress on FS Wisconsin:

I thought, at the beginning of the year, when we were playing under .500, I still thought we had the personnel to get us over .500. When we got at our lowest point, I still thought we could but I had some doubts whether we were going to. Why it turned around: Hard to really say. We had a lot of guys come up, they all performed well. The bullpen got it back together, certainly that's why we're doing what we're doing. And the offense has been good. Coming into the season, thinking we were going to score more runs than we did last year, I wasn't thinking that way.

On Carlos Gomez's injury:

I don't know if it's that bad, but he took a knee to a knee and he's pretty sore. Not exactly sure whether he'll be ok or not Friday.

With things going the way they have over the last twenty games, has he changed how he has managed games:

Well, I think I can be more aggressive in some of the things we do. Well, I shouldn't say that because a lot of times when you're not doing anything you try to get more aggressive. I don't know if it really changes too much what we do. The big decisions are always the bullpen. When the bullpen's going well, as it is now, it's easy to use a lot of people even though I know we've been worked hard, but that's just because we play so many close games, and we're winning a lot of games recently. Some of those moves with the bullpen get a little easier when you're doing well, certainly you get eight runs in an inning, you get a little bit of a lead, and I can bring in different personnel, but other than that I don't know if I manage any different.