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Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments: Wily Peralta Was Pretty Good Edition

Joined in progress on FS Wisconsin.

Rick went out to see him and just to talk about the pinch hitter for them and to make sure he was getting his rhythm. His rhythm got out of whack a little bit there in the eighth--maybe trying to overthrow because he's near the end of where he's going to be. And to make sure he calmed him down and to talk about the pinch hitter, too.

On Peralta pitching a complete game.

Yeah, he ... maybe he's thinking about it. I don't know. But it doesn't get much better than that. That's just. It's overpowering stuff with movement and down and a tremendous slider, mixing in a few change-ups. Really, that's as good as it gets.

What has Peralta done both for the team and himself?

Well, for the team, for us, we're really excited about what we're seeing. Rick talked about an adjustment that Wily made in Triple A at the end therebefore he came here with his delivery. 'Cause I asked what the difference was and that's the only thing that they could think of that he made the change. He's had great stuff. He had great stuff in the spring. He had great stuff last year when we saw him in the spring. Like I said it's pretty exciting to see that kind of arm and maintain that kind of velocity through a whole game.

When Peralta got the ball in spring training, he stumbled. Where has this poise come from?

It's confidence and being in different situations. That's one of the reasons that Doug talks about when we bring people up, is you bring somebody up and if they have to go back downagain, the next time you bring them up, they've already been here. They get the jitters out. And if they're going good at the time, it certainly helps with their confidence when they come to the big leagues. But Wily's stuffwas the same when saw him in spring training and we gave him the ball there; he just wasn't locating it. It was down the middle. They weren't down in the zone like we saw tonight. And when he's getting the ball down with that kind of movement, he's gonna be real tough to hit.

With the Wild Card Race and upcoming road trip, how big was the win today?

I think that the game was certainly a big game because we need to win, obviously, as many games as you can but I think going into this road trip it was real important to win today. This road trip is going to be a tough road trip. We know it and we've got to be able to get enough wins in there that if we don't play exactly the way that we want to in all of the games, we're still OK.

On Ryan Braun and hitting his 200th home run.

Pretty impressive. He's a guy... when you hit for average, power, steal bases, play good defense--he made a great play today on a ball coming in--that's a nice, well-rounded player, and especially at his age.

Did the wrist injury keep him from hitting his 200th sooner?

Yeah, I think the wrist is feeling better and hopefully with the off-day tomorrow, hopefully we can get rid of that or at least keep getting a lot better.

On Young's effectiveness.

Well, he's got a high fastball. He's got deception. He's got the height so the angle is really hard to pick up. He mixes in his curveballand his slider change-up. I saw him when he was doing the same thing with Texas and he was throwing 90 to 92 and it was difficult to hit a ball off of him. He knows how to pitch. He's a smart guy and knows where to locate the ball.