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Today In Brewer History: Happy Birthday, Isaiah Clark

On this day in 1965 Isaiah Clark was born in Crockett, Texas. He was 18 years old when the Brewers made the shortstop the #18 overall pick in the 1984 draft, leaving some players you might have heard of on the board:

Player Pick Team
Terry Mulholland 24 Giants
Norm Charlton 28 Expos
Greg Maddux 31 Cubs
Tom Glavine 47 Braves
Al Leiter 50 Yankees

As you might have guessed by the fact that I'm showing you what might have been, Clark's career didn't work out. He played just two full seasons in the Brewer organization (1986 and '87) before moving on to the A's and played just six seasons in the minors as a member of four organizations. He was a career .259/.314/.365 hitter over 609 minor league games and was done with professional baseball at age 24.

Clark turns 47 today. With help from the B-Ref Play Index, we'd also like to wish a happy birthday to:

Today is also the 30th anniversary of Gorman Thomas homering twice in the same inning in a 14-1 win over the Yankees in 1982. We covered that event in this space last year.