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Nationals 12, Brewers 2: Today's Turning Points

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1) Jayson Werth's two run "double" in the fourth: -.174 WPA

This was the beginning of the end in this one, as Carlos Gomez lost Werth's fly ball in the sun and two runs scored. If Gomez had caught the ball there would have been three outs, but instead five runs scored during and after this play.

2) Jordan Zimmermann's RBI single in the fourth: -.149 WPA

The Brewers allowed two singles to the opposing pitcher today, and the second one gave Washington a 2-1 lead.

3) Corey Hart's second inning solo home run: +.116 WPA

The Brewers allowed a run in the bottom of the first but tied it back up in the second on this long home run to right center for Corey Hart.

4) Bryce Harper's stolen base in the first, scoring on an error: -.102 WPA

Harper was on second with two outs in the first inning when he stole third and came around to score on Jonathan Lucroy's throwing error.

5) Roger Bernadina's fourth inning fielders' choice, Danny Espinosa out at home: +.097 WPA

Marco Estrada gave up a double to Danny Espinosa in the fourth and balked him to third, but he was erased on his way to the plate when Corey Hart threw him out.

The next five:

6) Ryan Zimmerman's three-run homer in the fourth: -.090 WPA
7) Jayson Werth's third inning single: -.063 WPA
8) Bryce Harper's third inning fly out: +.060 WPA
9) Danny Espinosa's fourth inning double: -.053 WPA
10) Marco Estrada strikes out Ryan Zimmerman in the third inning: +.049 WPA

Source: FanGraphs