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Nationals 12, Brewers 2: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

Yeah, that led to some things but really the fly ball in the sun was the difference. It helped us yesterday on a couple of balls and they got five runs because of it today. It would have been a good game, if that ball's caught it's still a 2-1 game, we gave them the run in the first but it would've been a good ball game.

On a difficult sun today:

There's nothing you can do. They lost two yesterday and they play in it all the time. There are things you can do to try to keep it out of the sun but sometimes there's nothing you can do.

On Gomez's lost ball in the sun:

Yeah, as soon as the ball went up he was ten feet off. I was watching the ball and watching where he was and I could tell he was off line. No, once it got up there he didn't see it.

On Marco Estrada:

He just made some pitches that he hadn't been making and lost his command. And when he loses his command he gets hit pretty hard. And the pitcher's hits were tough, he got a hit on a fastball and a hit on a hanging curveball. And then we didn't play well the rest of the game. We didn't pitch well, we didn't play well.